The large-scale use of bio-based (petroleum-free and containing natural ingredients) plastic profiles and other natural renewable materials is still in its infancy in the Netherlands. The qualities of strength and durability with traditional materials such as brick, concrete, and plastics are well known.

It is therefore understandable that architects and builders find it difficult to part with traditional materials and look for natural or sustainable alternatives.


Biobased profiles

Sustainable, bio-based, building materials

A notable disadvantage of traditional building materials is that their production is an attack on limited raw materials; and production of these materials releases a lot of CO2 emissions.
As an alternative, new sustainable building materials are increasingly available, which are produced with natural and bio-based raw materials. In terms of quality and cost, these materials are often comparable to traditional building materials.

productie 2 Foto profielen 1 Production of biobased profiles

Customized bio-based plastic building profiles


Vorm Werk Producties B.V. produces high-quality, affordable sustainable bio-based profiles that can have many applications. The suppliers of the raw materials used in the production of our building profiles have years of experience in compounding petroleum free plastics.

Our bio-based profiles are very comparable to traditional plastics in terms of required specifications. Additionally, because our materials are recyclable, our products fit very well into the circular cycle of building materials. And are therefore maximally sustainable.

We use AutoCAD to custom design a profile to meet your exact needs. We strive to meet each customer’s needs in form and functionality, and we do so in a manner that is both economical and environmentally friendly.
As stated above, our profiles are recyclable. However, they are not biodegradable. They retain their strength, shape, and function throughout their intended lifetime.


Knowing more?

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