The use of high quality HDPE, TPE and EPDM (according DIN 7863 / BS 4255) as basis for our production of building profiles (HDPE) and soft sealing profiles (EPDM, TPE, TPV). We have these EPDM and TPE,s in BIO BASED (with natural renewable and recycling ingredients), as well.

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Bio-based building materials

Unfortunately, an important disadvantage of traditional building materials is that their production is an attack on the available raw materials and that a lot of carbon dioxide is also released during production.

As an alternative, sustainable building materials are increasingly available that are produced on the basis of natural and bio-based raw materials. In terms of quality and cost, these materials are often comparable to traditional building materials.

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Hard and soft profiles made to suite your needs

Vorm Werk Producties B.V. produces high-quality and affordable sustainable, bio-based profiles that can be used in many different ways. For the extrusion of custom profiles, we use bio-based TPE and EPDM, which we obtain from suppliers who have years of experience in compounding bio plastics and bio elastomers.

With regard to the required specifications, our profiles are therefore quite comparable to profiles produced on the basis of traditional plastics. Our profiles also fit very well in the circular cycle of building materials, as the material is very suitable for sustainable reuse.

From CAD CAM we draw the design of your profile. We not only look at the right design for the desired functionality, but we also strive in the profile design for economical use of the bio-based raw material.

To avoid misunderstandings:  our profiles are therefore not bio degradable. They retain their strength and shape throughout their service life.


In a casual conversation, we would like to inform you about our options to help you fulfill your ambition to build durable.  If you want to learn more about us, feel free to contact us.