At Vorm Werk Producties B.V., we receive many questions about our bio-based plastic building profiles. We have listed the most frequently asked questions here.
If you have any further questions, please contact us.

1 What exactly are bio-based profiles?
Bio-based profiles are produced from bio-based mixtures. These mixtures are sustainable and renewable resources such as plant residues and natural resources such as flax, hemp, wood, straw, etc., combined with biopolymer plastics. The other oils in the compound are natural and not petroleum based.

2 How does the lifespan of your products compare to regular construction profiles?
The bio-based raw materials are supplied by leading compounders who have many years of experience with bio-based plastics.

3 Are bio-based building profiles suitable for C to C cycle?
Yes. You can reuse the profiles in their original form after demolishing the building. You can also granulate the used profiles and, with those chips, produce a completely different profile. This makes our profiles 100% sustainable

4 How are bio-based plastic building profiles made?
VWP uses an extrusion technique in which the raw sustainable materials are heated in the extruder and then pressed through a mold (shape of the profile).

5 Are the raw materials for bio-based building materials specially grown at the expense of agricultural land?

Yes, there are certain raw materials that are specially grown for bio-based building materials. At Vorm Werk Producties, however, we use residual materials from, among others, the wood industry (sawdust), coffee grounds and grass. (Non) governmental organizations also monitor the security of the food supply and protect nature from unbridled deforestation in favor of crop cultivation.

6 Are bio-based building profiles more expensive than normal building profiles?
Not necessarily. Request a no-obligation quote from us and then make a comparison.

7 What types of bio-based building profiles does Vorm Werk Producties produce?
VWP produces profiles upon request, which makes consultation with the customer a necessity.

8 Are bio-based plastic building profiles also available in different colors?
Yes. Natural pigments can be added to the granules. The approximate color code is determined in consultation with the customer.

9 Where can I get more information about bio-based plastic building profiles?
More information can be found at the following resources: