For whatever industries you need profiles, Vorm Werk Producties B.V. (VWP) produces sustainable plastic profiles that fully meet your specifications.

We use a wide range of resources consisting of renewable natural materials and/or recycled materials with a biopolymer for our products, This gives you a  profile that fits exactly in the circular economy and therefore makes an excellent contribution to making your project more sustainable.


Widely applicable plastic profiles

Our bio-plastic profiles can be used in:

Biobased profielen voor huizenbouw Biobased profielen voor interieurbouw Biobased profielen voor kassenbouw

  Home construction                                                       Interior construction                                         Greenhouse construction


Biobased profielen voor outdoor meubelen Biobased profielen voor nautische toepassingen Biobased profielen voor schuttingen en afscheidingen

   (outdoor) Furniture                                                    Yacht and jetty construction                                   Fences


Our method

In consultation with you as a customer, a biobased plastic type is chosen that not only gives the profile the right quality requirements, but also makes it sustainable. The profile design is also decisive, and we can help you further develop the profile design in order to improve the workability and/or functionality.
When producing profiles, we use DIN 16941 2A and 2B extrusion tolerances. However, in mutual consultation we can deviate from this if this is desirable for you.
Finally, VWP can also give your profiles a color to RAL approximation using color master batches that are added to the base material.
This gives you a profile that exactly meets your needs, but also fits in a circular economy and therefore makes an exceptional contribution to making your project more sustainable.



Are you interested in using our biobased plastic profiles? Please contact us. We are happy to tell you how our profiles can be used by you.